Love Prevails: Meet the New Martina Liana Collection

Love truly does prevail with an all new collection from Martina Liana. This season, you’ll be blown away with all new styles, details, and fabrics. Modern florals, nouveau embellishments, and refined minimalism are just a few of the things that set these designs apart from the rest. This collection is sure to have your dream dress, so what are you waiting for? Learn more about this collection and find the Martina Liana Wedding Dresses of your dreams!

Modern Floral
In this collection, you’ll see modern florals like never before! Martina Liana has taken designs to new heights. Style 1228 features a mix of graphic and floral laces for a unique, intricate and elevated feel.

Style 1258

Style 1247

Style 1247 from the new collection features large scale florals throughout the sultry silhouette. This makes the classic beach wedding dress modern in its nature. Martina Liana designed each wedding dress this season to be utterly unique and fashion – forward.

Refined Minimalism
One of our favorite new trends is the return to refined minimalism, with simple wedding dresses making a stunning statement. Style 1254 from the new collection makes an even bigger statement with a detachable silk Zibeline bow for a flirty surprise.

Full-Volume Romance
Next up, this collection brings the drama with full-volume romantic wedding dresses. If you’re looking for a classic, romantic A-line wedding dress then you’re in luck. Style 1244 from this season is a traditional, floral-embellished gown with a modern square neckline. This beautiful dress will stand the test of time.

Style 1244

If you prefer a traditional ballgown silhouette, Style 1258 is the ultimate princess wedding dress. This classic ball gown has everything you’re looking for. Shimmering glitter tulle, a tasteful plunging neckline, a bugle bead encrusted bodice, and of course, a full volume skirt.

Style 1258

Nouveau Embellishments
If there’s one thing Martina Liana knows how to do, it’s nouveau embellishments. Style 1250 from the new collection is absolutely captivating. A modern fit-and-flare silhouette perfectly complements its pearl and bugle embellishments for a striking statement.

Style 1250

If you’re looking for a long sleeve, vintage-inspired dress, Style 1257 from the new collection is your dream come true. Ornate details make this traditional wedding dress formal and romantic. Luxe glitter tulle adds striking elegance to this beautiful gown.

Style 1257

Novelty Fabrication & Lace
Lastly, this season Martina Liana introduces all new novelty fabrication and laces. Style 1175 uses matte cotton lace for an updated look on an ornate wedding gown. This design is young, fresh, and adds a youthful appeal to this collection.

Martina Liana Luxe Style 1175

Style 1175

Style 1193 is encrusted with stunning beadwork and adorned with 3D floral elements. Lace is intentionally placed throughout this gown for an intricate, unique look. Martina Liana uses a variety of lace, tulle, laser-cut chiffon, beading, and glitter tulle to design a wedding dress that will take your breath away.

Martina Liana Luxe Style 1193